More about us

Our wish

We made this place in order that our guests feel like at home and wish to come again. Casa Hikka Villa can be rent by locals and foreigners.


Staff and owner

I am James and I am happy to welcome you in Casa Hikka Villa. I have 25 years experience in the hospitality industry aboard and in Sri Lanka. I am Sri Lankan and I know how to make your stay unforgettable. My goal is to make Casa Hikka Villa a better place to spend vacation for locals and foreigners. Welcome ! Ayoubowan !

To go green

We are fully renovating this place in order to improve its comfort and to reach a high level of quality for our guests. We want CASA becomes an environmental sustainability place.

We will slowly cancel the use of plastic bottles. The water in Sri Lanka is very clear and has no taste. Just need to cook it. Not necessary to buy mineral water.

Already and for many years, the hot water is provided by solar panels. All the lamps and lighting systems have been changed into LED.

Later we will add more solar panels to provide electricity.

Some more efforts have to be made. We will work in this direction in the next future to go green.