Terms and Conditions

Dear Guest,

In case of cancellation, we should get your cancellation per phone, per what's app message or per email at least 24h before the checking time (2pm) of the beginning of your stay  in any cases.

What about your advance ?

We don't have any refund policy, we kindly accept to report your booking for a next date of your choice, if available, no money refund in any cases.

What happen if you miss the deadline of 24hours ?

A fix amount of LKR 3'000 will be charged on your advance and will be kept as cancellation fees.

Why this changes ?

We had to refuse many opportunities of booking to avoid overbooking, the last minute cancellations have a high cost for us. 

We thank you for your understanding and looking forward to welcome you in CASA HIKKA VILLA.

The management